Sixth Grade Technology - 12 weeks

Students will:
  • Learn basic programing techniques
    • if/then statements
    • variables
    • broadcast commands
    • timing
  • participate in online forums in Moodle
  • use help files and online videos for instruction
  • edit an MP3 file and upload

Week One

Intro to Scratch, Scratch Polygons

Week Two - Scratch Video Game

Essential Questions: (students respond in Moodle Forums)
  1. What are the different types of video games?
  2. Why are some games more popular than others? What is it about some games that make people really like them? What is it about other games that make them not as good?
  3. What are the common elements of a video game? What do all video games have in common, or are similar in all games. For example, all games have theme music. What else do they all have, or at least is found in many?

Students wanted to add this question :
What is your favorite video game and system?
Key Ideas/Skills
  • creating backgrounds
  • creating and linking buttons (broadcast)
  • Movement, bounce


Week Three

Scratch Video Game
  • Variables
  • adding sound (Audacity)

Week Four

Last week for Video Games
Arcade Day

Week Five

Digital Photography
  • tips and tricks, kodak website
  • take and edit photos
  • gather photos into powerpoint
  • Present Photos to class

Week Six

Google SketchUp
  • Introduction
  • tutorials and videos

Week Seven

Sketchup Models

Week Eight

Sketchup Models, finish and share

Week Nine

REserved for Google Sketchup

Week Ten

Road Trip
  • Google Maps
    • finding directions
    • altering directions
  • Searching online
    • safe searching
    • searching tools
  • Google Earth
  • Excel,
    • creating a budget, formatting

Week Eleven

Road Trip
  • expenses
  • travel reservations online (ariltine tickets, car rentals)

Week Twelve

Road Trip
  • Create road trip in Google Earth

Week Thirteen (optional, depends on time)

Other Technologies
Finale Notepad