Assignment #1 - Response to short story "Hands" by Sherwood Anderson

After reading the short story "Hands", by Sherwood Anderson, respond to questions or comments on the Voicethread linked here.

Respond to each of the following question slides either by:
· Recording a video clip or your voice using your built in microphone or webcam
· asking Voicethread to call your phone.
· Typing a response

Responses can be made to either my original question, or in reply to comments made by others in class. Be sure to let us know who or what you are responding to.

You may also respond on the Voicethread embedded below. (Hint: it's easier to go to the full site linked above.)
You will need to create an account with Voicethread before you will be able to comment. I will need your Voicethread Username if I cannot figure it out. Please add your username to the Class Roster list below, type your first name and last initial followed by your voicethread username. If you do not want to post it here please email it to me.

For help commenting, visit the Voicethread Support page here.

Post Responses by May 13th, listen to or read others' responses before attending class on May 16th.

Name - Username
Greg N. - Greg Noack