Introduction to Keyboarding.

TIME:2 to 3 class periods (70 min)

Objective: Students will create keyboarding accounts, be able to use proper keyboarding technique, and use keyboarding software.
NETS: n/a

Ask students if they want to become better and faster at typing. Ask them why.
- possible answers: work faster, email faster, chat faster, have more time to do other things (main point - Communicate well and quickly)
Discuss how typing is a skill and takes practice, just like sports, music, video games. Even though they might be hard at times, we do it so we can become better.

Discuss my expectations, that students improve their WPM scores. I don't care how many lessons you get through, but only that you scores improve.

Walk through and demonstrate proper keyboarding technique. Show video from Prentice Hall about proper keyboarding, then discuss.
  • Both feet flat on the floor.
  • Both hands on home row.
  • Proper wrist position
  • Sit up straight.
  • Eyes on monitor (or whatever you are typing or copying).. just not on your fingers!

Help students set up accounts with software.
This year using Prentice hall.
  • start program
  • choose new user
  • create a username (lastnamefirstname)
  • enter password (student ID)
  • Then choose a place to save your work. Students should create a new folder in their server folders and call it keyboarding, name the file with their name, then save.
Have students close the program and log back in to make sure they can.

Demonstrate to students how to adjust the volumes by clicking on the windows button on the keyboard and accessing the volumes control.

Give students time to play and explore, let students play the games for the last few min of class.


Review proper keyboarding techniques, have a student demonstrate body position, then stretching exercises.
Review how to login and then have students do so.
Walk through the software showing them how to navigate the page, use the tools. They do not have to do the Practice page.. they can skip this as it doesn't give them any feedback at all if they make too many mistakes (7 of 'em).

Have students log off and log back in again for practice and then let them work.

Close: Think -Pair - Share Ask students to recall the proper keyboarding positions